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Thanks so much for agreeing to help us with this project!  These instructions and example videos are meant to give you guidance on how to capture and send us your story:


1.  Keep them less than 59 seconds so they can be shared on social media easily.

2.  Capture in landscape mode.  Remember it can be informal and "selfie"-like, but feel free to be at work, in your uniform or scrubs as long as it's permissible.

3.  Please send us your full name and degree/certification if you wish it to be used, your social media handle, and location.  For example, I'm Kevin Cho Tipton, NP-C, @KevinChoFL, Miami, FL.  We don't need to identify where you work, but if you want it part of your title, please share it.

5.  Most importantly, tell your story.  Using your words and experiences will help us humanize what this bill could do to us all.

6.   Refer to the two example videos below for further guidance.  Thank you so much for your help and support!

7.  Send to and text/call 305-890-7790 if you have any questions.

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