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Hospital Corridor

lifesaving care because of

Imagine an expecting mother being refused care by a doctor because she plans to raise the baby by herself.

Imagine a veteran being denied treatment for PTSD or depression by a therapist who objects to the military.

Imagine a devout Christian having their operation canceled because a surgeon disagrees with their religious beliefs, a nurse that refuses to provide care, or a hospital that denies entry because of who you are, where you're from, who you love, what you look like or even what they believe. This might seem like fiction, but it could easily become reality if Florida passes the License to Discriminate into law. Not only does this bill put us all at risk, but it also allows insurance companies to weaponize the rules and cancel your coverage so that they can prioritize their profits over your well-being.


We must not let this happen.


Help us defeat this bill and defend healthcare for all Floridians.

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